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Get to know us: Commitment and experience in electromedicine and laboratory.

At FINSAT, we are proud to offer more than 12 years of qualified experience in the electromedical and laboratory sector. As a young company but with a deep knowledge of the field, we collaborate closely with leading technology multinationals in the field of healthcare. Our commitment is to provide a quality technical assistance service, act as an authorized and official service for various brands and manufacturers, and ensure the satisfaction of our customers through continuous improvement and specialized training.

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Electromedicine and laboratory equipment.

Core values that define us

At FINSAT, we stand out for our agility, flexibility, professionalism and commitment in each intervention carried out. Our highly trained and experienced team is dedicated to guaranteeing the quality of the service and complying 100% with the collaboration agreements with the companies with which we work. We believe in the importance of continuous training to keep up with the latest technologies and practices, which allows us to provide maintenance solutions and authorized support that meet the highest quality standards.

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